teyepe who?

Teyepe is the moniker of multi­disciplinary product designer Tasos Dervenagas.

He builds honest yet functional user interfaces and develops meticulous design systems. Tasos is a design lead at PeoplePerHour.


Tasos is among the few designers who arrogantly support the idea that web (design) is still 95% typography. Having a strong graphic design and typographic background, he has worked as art director, type designer and UI engineer with a career path of over 19 years.

Today, he designs interfaces and quite often writes presentational code for the web. He cares a lot about user experience, reusability, functionalism and minimal yet meaningful design. He favours semantically structured markup, thoroughly orchestrated CSS and component-based development.

Currently he designs demanding web applications with a group of briliant folks at PeoplePerHour.

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